Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Beaded Kumihimo with Leaf Fringes Necklace

I love The Rivendell Rope designed by Jeanne Evans , but I don't know how to crochet. After years of knitting, I can't train my hands to work with only one hook! That is another reason why I learned how to do Kumihimo, which I think the look resembles beaded crochet.

 I found 4 Czech glass leaves in my bead stash. The reddish-brown color matches perfectly with the copper beads in the necklace. I wish I had more leaves but four will do for now. Here are the steps to make the leaf fringe.

String an odd number of seed beads and form a circle around the clasp ring. Tie a knot.   Next, string the desired length of vine-colored beads.

String a leaf and a vine-colored bead.  Skip the bead and pass back through the leaf and 2 beads.

String 2 vine-colored beads and 6 leaf-colored beads.

Skip the 6th leaf bead, pass back through the 5th leaf bead.  String 3 leaf beads then pass  back through the 1st leaf bead and the 2 vine beads.

Continue to add more leaves, pearls or crystals to the vine.

I think adding another vine would give this necklace a fuller look.... if  I can just find 1 more glass leaf and a couple pearls that match!

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