Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How to Make a Beaded Cap and Leather Tassel

Leather fringes and tassels are hot this season!! I am not quite ready to don anything with fringes but I would love to wear a simple yet trendy leather tassel necklace.

List of Materials:
Leather fringe
Five 4mm rose montees
Size 8/0 and 11/0 seed beads 
One 2-in head pin (preferable 24 gauge)
Any 6mm bead
Fireline size D
Two size 10 needles
Super glue and a clip

Techniques: Two-needle right angle weave and circular netting

I got this pack from Hobby Lobby.

There are two flat sheets of leather fringes per pack.

Roll the top of the leather sheet  tightly. A couple dots of Super NEW GLUE are added on the top edge of the leather.  Clip the top until the glue is dried.  

Step 1: In the meantime, begin with about 24 inches of Fireline, thread a needle on each end. Pass needles across the X of a montee in oposite directions (cross weave). Slide the montee to the middle of thread.

Step 2: Pick up an 11/0 with each needle. Pick up a montee, cross weave through the X. Repeat this step until a total of 5 montees are added.

Step 3: Close the circle by cross weaving through the first montee.

Step 4: Slide the circle on the top of the tassel. One needle will be used at a time from this point on, use the other thread to keep the tension tight. With thread exiting an 11/0 in the circle, pick up three 11/0. Pass through the next 11/0. Repeat this step until all 5 montees have a loop of 3 seed beads on top. After picking up the last three 11/0's, pass the thread through the first 11/0 of the circle. Move needle through the first and second 11/0's of the first loop.

Step 5: Pick up an 8/0, pass through the second 11/0 of the next loop. Repeat this step until a total of five 8/0's are added. After the last 8/0 is picked up, pass thread through the second 11/0 of the first loop. Pass thread through the first 8/0, pick up an 11/0 then pass through an 8/0. Repeat this step until a total of five 11/0's are added. Pass thread through all 11/0's and 8/0's a couple more times. Pull tight to close the top of the cap. Tie half hitch knots in between the beads. Trim the extra thread.

Step 6: Use the other needle. Repeat steps 1 - 5 for the bottom part of the cap. For the last row, instead of adding one 11/0, add two 11/0's.

Step 7: Making a wire loop for the tassel - Slide an 8/0 into the head pin as a stop bead. Insert the head pin. 

Add in a 6mm bead of your choice to cover the top part of the tassel. Make a wrapped loop.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Super Quick Reversible Earrings With SuperDuos

                                          Happy New Year!
Every year, around November, I started thinking about what to make for loved ones for Christmas: scarves, cowls, necklaces, or bracelets?? I began with big, elaborated ideas! Then as the holiday came closer, my plans became quick one-day projects. The idea for the Winter Blooms earrings came to mind when I got a call from an unexpected guest on Christmas Day :-). The pair of earrings took me about half an hour to make minus the time for threading, which seemed to be forever when I was in a rush, and gift wrapping.

Materials needed for the earrings:
24 SuperDuos
Size 11/0 seed beads
Six 4mm round Swarovski pearls

Step 1: String 1 SuperDuo, one 11/0 six times. Form a circle by tying a double knot then go through all beads one more time.

Step 2: With working thread exiting a SuperDuo, string a pearl and pass needle through the opposite SuperDuo.

Step 3: Pass back through the pearl and through the SuperDuo where first strung the pearl.

Step 4: Move thread to the outer hole of a SuperDuo. String one 11/0, one SuperDuo, one 11/0 and pass through the next SuperDuo. Repeat 5 more times. Finally, pass thread just through a few beads (You want to leave room to insert the wire in a SuperDuo later). Then step up to the outer hole of a SuperDuo.  Keep the thread tension not too tight nor too loose.

Step 5: String an 11/0 and pass through the outer hole of the next SuperDuo. Repeat 5 more times. 

Step 6: Pass thread through all beads a few times and pull tightly to close up the circle.

Step 7: Repeat step 2 to add the pearl. Then, tie half hitch knots in between beads.

I used 24-gauge wire. It is small enough to go through the hole of the SuperDuo.

Make a wrapped loop. Insert a pearl then make another wrapped loop.

Winter Blooms Earrings

I decided to make a matching bracelet.

6 mm pearls were used in between the flowers.

Winter Bloom bracelet