Sunday, April 20, 2014

An Easy Way to Bezel a Rivoli with Superduos

   Now that my knitting fever is over, I am back to beading. After two month hiatus, I showed up at the door of the local bead store and was thrilled to find out the store now carries Superduos.
   After a few hours mixing, matching bead colors and sizes, and figuring an easy way to bezel a rivoli, I decided to use circular netting.

Round 1: For a 14mm rivoli, string a pattern of 2 Superduos and one size 11 seed bead eight times. Form a circle by going through all beads one more time. Tie a double knot, then use another needle to weave the tail thread in between the beads before cutting the tail off. With the working thread, exit through the outer hole of 1 Superduo.

*Note: Because of the color coating, the holes of some beads are blocked. I strongly recommend that you check the holes of the beads before you string them. They can be cleared by poking and twisting  gently with a headpin but it is a hassle especially when you are in the middle of beading!!

 Round 2: Add one size 11 seed bead between each Superduo.

Round 3: With thread coming out a seed bead from round 2, string 8 beads, skip an 11 seed bead and pass through the next seed bead. This is loop one.

Loop 2: Go back through the last 3 beads of loop 1. Pick up 5 more beads, skip a bead from round 2, pass through the next bead. Repeat this step 5 more times.

To close up round 3, pick up 2 seed beads and go back through the first 3 beads of the first loop.

Insert the rivoli then tighten up the loops by passing through all beads in the middle circle.

*Note: I always put a coat of clear nail polish on the back of the rivoli to protect the foil.

The front of pendant

With the rivoli now secured, more beads can now be added to make a bigger, fancier pendant.  The possibilities are endless!

Here, another round of 3mm pearls are added on top to add dimension to the pendant. 

In this final round, two seed beads are added in between the pearls to tighten up the pendant.

A loop of seed beads is made to attach the pendant to a store bought necklace.

This pendant is attached on a bail bought at Michael's so it can easily slide on and off any chain.