Monday, July 29, 2013

Cup-Chain Bracelets

I just love the beautiful, dainty "Diamond Decadence" necklace designed by Regina Atkins in this Bead & Button issue. However, I didn't have all the needed materials and the correct size cup-chain.

I had to modify the pattern by adding in size 11 seed beads with size 15 seed beads for each right-angle weave unit to fit each cup in the chain.

I also did two-needle right-angle weave which I think is quicker to do.

The front of the bracelet was done.... the back of the bracelet.

I made a bracelet instead. I always wanted a diamond tennis bracelet but couldn't afford one!

...and why settle for one bracelet when you can now afford two?  Therefore, I made another one with smaller size cup-chain.

Just four 3mm bugles, for each right-angle weave unit, perfectly fit each small cup.

Since the cup-chain is smaller, I decided to add another row.

A loop of seed beads was made to attach the clasp.

A picot of size 15 seed beads or small drop bead can fill the gaps. I opted for size 11 seed beads.

Front of the bracelet

Back of the bracelet

Monday, July 15, 2013

Beaded Beads

Turquoise and Red Coral Swarovski pearls

---with Swarovski pearls

---with cherry quartz beads

Saturday, July 13, 2013

New use for an old wooden cutlery tray

 Before: A wooden cutlery tray bought from a thrift store

After: A felt lined tray for my beaded jewelry which fits nicely in the dresser drawer.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Pearls and crystals bracelets

"Midnight Blue" bracelets

"Along the Garden Path" bracelets designed by Deborah Kashdan - Bead & Button Extra Aug.2012
Instead of  making a peyote stitch strip for the base of the bracelet, I used leather.

"Crystal Plaids"

"Two-Step Trinket" designed by Marcia Balonis - Bead & Button Online Project